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Social Media + Hospitality

A recent study by The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University constitutes one of the first pieces of empirical research on the effect social media has on hotel purchasing decisions by different market segments. The report titled How Travelers use Online and Social Media Channels to Make Hotel-choice Decisions   takes a snapshot of the rapidly changing field of how consumers gather information and make their decisions regarding travel purchases, based on responses of 2,830 recent travelers.   This report is particularly helpful in that it gathered findings based on the guest's market segment and reports how a channels importance varies according to the stage in the decision process.   "Business travelers often use the hotel recommended by their company, although many of them use search engines or online travel agents for their hotel search. Recommendations of friends and colleagues are less important to business travelers than they are to leisure travelers

Added Value?

Photo by ronocdh   Some rights reserved How much time and money do hotels spend on unnecessary services/amenities that add NO value to a guest experience and produce so much waste? VIP fruit platters / wine that no one eats Printed collateral that no one looks at Corporate contracts that include added benefits that don't get used Keeping outlets open when they are empty Unrequested turn-down treats Flowers that die A welcome gift or souvenir that stays in the room after check-out >>How can we add value and reduce waste?