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United Airlines' loyalty program worth $22B

United Airlines  values its loyalty program at $22B, Skift reports.  Opening the secret box to the industry's most valuable assets... its loyalty member audience and point currency. As the travel landscape changes, companies will have to look at ways to leverage their loyalty program members as an addressable audience in new ways without eroding trust. Not since  Air Canada   sold (and then bought back) its loyalty program, have we had such a public view of the revenue-generating power of loyalty. United's program generated 12% of the airline's total revenue in 2019, you bet that number will be much higher in 2020, and they will be looking for ways to continue to grow that number. Important to note that hotel companies have turned to their loyalty programs as for financing as well, by pre-selling points to their credit card partners.  Both Hilton and Marriott have presold close to $1B dollars each.  Will we start valuing travel companies by the size of their loyalty program

US Hotel occupancy above 40% for the first time in 3 months

STR reports US Hotel occupancy is above 40% for the first time in about 3 months, for the week ending June 13.   For context, it took us 5 weeks to gain 10%pts in occupancy, we broke 30% on the week ending May 9.   The lowest point was back on April 11, where we closed the week at 22%.  In those 5 weeks, the new Covid-19 case count has remained relatively flat; meaning that we have not seen a significant decrease in new COVID cases (7-day average) being reported.   Originally in LinkedIn, join the conversation below: