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After a 3 year hiatus from the blog, I have finally done away with a"conflict-of-interest" and am back to publicly exploring the world of hospitality branding! I've spent the last couple years working in New York City as Marketing Manager at the Jumeirah Essex House , hence the conflict, but I have packed my bags and will be soon--as in 2 days from now--be moving to Siem Reap, Cambodia. So I can now focus back to my blog. In the next couple weeks I will be doing a good amount of updating to the site and its content. Stay Checked-in. The Jumeirah years were an amazing expedition into the world of international branding, of bringing a brand across geographic boundaries while maintaining and honoring local sensibilities . Most importatly I was working on-property; constant market research came from walking down to the lobby and talking directly to the costumer, or from tweeting directly to anyone who dared to mention the Jumeirah Essex House or the restaurant South G